GUEST POST: 10 Smart Appliances for Your Smart Home

Posted on October 23 , 2017 in California, SoCal, Homeowners, technology, Smart Homes, Green, New Homes, Solar, Clean Technology, Energy, Internet of Things, IoT, Smart by GUEST


We are in a world where everything seems to be connected to the Internet… and smart home appliances are not just convenient tools, but also increasingly essential “must-haves” for selling a brand new home. 

Here is a list of some gadgets that can make your home a little smarter:

  1. The Ecobee4 Smarter WIFI Thermostat; the device is capable of learning your preference and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also has the added convenience of allowing homeowners to heat or cool their home from their phone. If you live in a large household, the ecobee4 is still convenient with a multiple remote sensors. Unlike comparable Nest products, its display is touch-enabled and more spacious and thus allows you more room to see weather info and access settings. 

    The Ecobee4 also has built-in Alexa capabilities, so for those considering a smart thermostat this might be the way to go if you were wanting an Amazon Echo in the living room.

  2. Smart Strip Power Trip; many electronic devices in your home plugged into the wall use power without your knowledge even when they are turned off. The smart Strip will stop these energy vampires at just under $35. This appliance will protect your plugs from energy surges and automatically shuts down power to the device’s peripherals when you power down a device. 

  3. The Hydrao Smart Shower; Saving water at home can sometimes be a challenge for many families. The Hydrao smart shower uses an app to measure water consumption and alerts you to the amount of water usage while you are in the shower by lighting up different colors. You don't need batteries as it is hydro-powered!

  4. Robot Vacuum Cleaners; although these have been around for awhile, the latest generation have been incorporated with a bunch of new and exciting features to save you money and double up as a security guard. LG’s HOM-BOT TURBO+ makes it possible for you to remotely tap the area where you want to clean. It can also detect movement within your home when you are away and alert you to what’s going on. 

  5. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator; when it comes to saving energy and money, this smart fridge is what you need. The cameras on the inside alert you to what you have from your phone wherever you are. You can thus easily manage groceries and avoid food wastage. A busy household will surely appreciate all the time-saver organizational tools connected, such as calendars, notes and photos.


  6. Wally; having to deal with a burst or leaking pipe can be an expensive ordeal. Wally is a gadget that creates a sensor network using the wiring in your home. It will detect any unusual moisture level and alert you of any leaks in the home.

  7. The Philips Hue LED Bulb; lighting in a home consumes most of the energy, resulting in exorbitant bills. This bulb has enables you to dim certain areas of the home that don't need bright lighting such as the TV room. You can also set timers so that the bulbs in  rooms without an activity for a certain period of time will automatically be switched off.

  8. Motion Detectors and Occupancy Sensors: you can link these detectors to different areas of your home, including kitchen and cleaning appliances. You can efficiently reduce the amount of energy wasted simply by turning everything off when the room is unoccupied.

  9. Goji Smart Lock; the smart lock uses a number of features to heighten security at your home such as  proximity sensor. You can also remotely unlock a door for a visitor when you are not at home. When someone is knocking, the lock takes a picture of the visitor and sends it to you.

  10. MySmartBlinds Window Coverings; if your house is facing direct sunlight it can heat up quickly forcing your cooling systems to work twice as hard. These app-controlled window coverings will automatically close when your window overheats!

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