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Nexus eWater featured in Sacramento Bee (Again!)

Posted on May 4 , 2015 in by Josh

Over the weekend Nexus eWater was featured in a Sacramento Bee article titled "Seeds: Turning to shades of gray in search for more water"

 Here's an excerpt:

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Nexus eWater featured in San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on April 22 , 2015 in by Josh

Yesterday Nexus eWater was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's an excerpt:

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The eWater Recycler was featured on ABC7

Posted on April 21 , 2015 in by Josh

LOS ANGELES (KABC) Los Angeles city officials have a new plan to put greywater to good use and beat the drought at the same time.

As Earth Day draws near, officials say we really need to start considering our trees during the drought.

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Nexus Chairman Speaks with Earth911

Posted on March 27 , 2015 in by Josh

An excerpt from the article:

The eWater Recycler gets the biggest bang for the buck with new residential construction, said Ralph Petroff, the company's Chairman and co-founder. Requiring two sets of plumbing piping. this “recycled-ready plumbing” adds $1,000 to $3,000 to the total cost of the build.
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Nexus eWater is World’s First Company to Obtain NSF/ANSI Certification for Residential Grey Water Treatment

Posted on March 13 , 2015 in by Josh

Certification to the NSF/ANSI 350 Standard Enables Drought-Resilient Homes in Water-Scarce California 

Homebuilders, Water & Sewer Agencies and Homeowners Have Unprecedented New Drought-Fighting Tool: On-Site Home Water Recycling 

Download the press release or read below to learn more.

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Nexus solution featured in KB Home's annual report

Posted on March 7 , 2015 in by Josh


"The Nexus eWater system is capable of recycling up to 200 gallons of water daily for a family of four – as much as 70,000 gallons annually in a desert climate like Lancaster – more than enough to irrigate the home’s drought- tolerant landscape with water completely recycled on-site. We believe the system will be a major step forward in residential water efficiency."

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Nexus eWater completes $2.1 million Series A Funding Round

Posted on March 5 , 2015 in by Josh

US-Australian company prepares for US market launch of disruptive product aimed at radically reducing California residential water, energy, and wastewater use

Estimates US market opportunity to be $15 billion per year

Download the press release or read below to learn more.

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Nexus eWater makes Green Builder Media's top 50

Posted on February 11 , 2015 in by Josh

Nexus eWater's eWater Recycler has been selected by Green Builder Media’s editorial team as a 2015 Hot 50 Product, which was featured in the February issue of Green Builder magazine!   Get digital access to the Green Builder library by signing up here and be sure to check out the February edition for all the other top 50 products.

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Nexus Chairman speaks at Sustainable Silicon Valley's WEST 2014

Posted on February 2 , 2015 in by Josh

Nexus eWater Chairman, Ralph Petroff, made a brief appearance at the podium during Sustainable Silicon Valley's WEST 2014. Mr. Petroff took the podium around the 35 minute mark, but we encourage you to watch all of Mayor R. Rex Parris keynote speech.

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The Nexus eWater Smartphone App

Posted on January 26 , 2015 in by Josh


Through the Nexus eWater smartphone application, users of the NEXtreater and NEXheater have easy access to their Nexus product status and usage information. They can also enjoy viewing their —localized data in comparison to other homes in the area and check their investment via a personalized calculation of savings based on (optional) connection to utilities.

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