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What are the New Landscape Irrigation Regulations in California?

Posted on August 14 , 2017 in California, NSF350, Plumbing Codes, smarthomes, technology, homes, newhomes, irrigation, regulations by Tom

Revisions to the Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) came into force in 2015 and have slowly been rolling out across California. As of January 1, 2017 these regulations are in force in all jurisdictions and cities must report enforcement during project plan approvals to the State Water Board for all commercial projects, and all residential projects with at least 500 square feet of landscaped area. 
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The Top 5 Things New Homeowners Want

Posted on July 18 , 2017 in san diego, California, smarthomes, technology, homes, newhomes by Tom

What are buyers looking for in their new homes in California? What are they filling their homes with, post-purchase?
At Nexus eWater, we talk to A LOT of builders and new homeowners. Here are the top 5 trends among new homes and their owners, as we see them:
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2017 Gold Nugget Awards – Nexus CEO Tom Wood's Favorite Winners

Posted on July 4 , 2017 in san diego, PCBC, California, Gold Nugget Awards by Tom

The annual Gold Nugget Awards  were presented as the grand finale to the PCBC conference that we attended here in San Diego last week. Now in their 54th year, the awards represent the best of architecture, design and community development in California and beyond. Here are some award highlights from my perspective, as both a Canadian/Australian citizen and as CEO of an onsite water recycling company.
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Press Release: Nexus Tapped for KB "Double ZeroHouse 2.0"

Posted on May 8 , 2014 in by Tom

The “eWater Recycler” by Nexus eWater recycles two out of every three gallons of indoor water – potentially cutting nearly 40,000 gallons annually.

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National Geographic Article Features NEXtreater-powered Double ZeroHouse

Posted on May 1 , 2014 in News by Tom

In a recent news article National Geographic highlighted the efforts being made by KB Home and the City of Lancaster to address California's worsening drought crisis.

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Builder Online: NEXtreater offers "Extreme Water Savings"

Posted on April 11 , 2014 in News, Industry by Tom

In a recent article, Builder online described the efforts of KB home to build sustainable production homes.

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City of Lancaster: KB Double ZeroHouse Press Conference

Posted on March 12 , 2014 in by Tom

The City of Lancaster have released a video of the press conference launching the KB Home Double ZeroHouse. The home features Nexus recycling technology and the NEXtreater, which will provide all of the water for landscape irrigation when occupied by a family of four. Watch the video here.

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Nexus Chairman, Ralph Petroff, and Recycling Technology Featured on "Water Wednesday"

Posted on February 26 , 2014 in by Tom

KB Home and Nexus were featured in a recent piece for the regular Water Wednesdays segment on Los Angeles television station KABC.

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NEXtreater Featured in KB Home Double ZeroHouse Project

Posted on February 26 , 2014 in News by Tom

The Nexus team today joined partner KB Home for the launch of the "Double ZeroHouse" project in Lancaster, California.

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Nexus eWater Launches Home Energy Recycler at Greenbuild 2013

Posted on November 21 , 2013 in by Tom

November 21, 2013. Philadelphia, PA.

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