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Nexus eWater featured in Manufacturers' Monthly

Posted on October 20 , 2013 in News, Industry by Tom

Jake Layes, Autodesk’s head of sustainability and clean technology for Asia Pacific, was recently interviewed by Manufacturers' Monthly and highlighted Nexus technology. The article describes the Autodesk Clean Tech Partners Program, which announced Nexus eWater as it's founding partner earlier this year.

“They have developed an onsite device for domestic installations and this product essentially harnesses the power of grey water and reduces water heating costs by up to 75 per cent,” said Layes.

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Advanced Home Water Recycling Solution Unveiled at WaterSmart Innovations 2013

Posted on October 2 , 2013 in News by Tom

October 2, 2013, Las Vegas, NV.

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Nexus at Cleantech San Francisco 2012

Posted on March 27 , 2012 in News by Tom

Nexus Chairman, Ralph Petroff, will be presenting in this afternoon's innovation showcase at Cleantech Forum 2012 in San Francisco

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Nexus Press Coverage

Posted on March 24 , 2012 in News by Tom

Nexus, as recent runners-up in the Imagine H2O competition, has received significant press coverage in recent days. For full coverage, follow the links after the break

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Nexus: Runner-Up in Global Water Competition

Posted on March 24 , 2012 in News by Tom

Nexus, as the developer of the first mass-market on-site water and heat recycler, has been named Runner-Up for the International Wastewater Innovation Prize. The Prize is the world’s top competition for water start-ups, and is awarded by the San Francisco-based Imagine H2O.

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Nexus at WaterSmart Innovations 2011

Posted on October 2 , 2011 in News by Tom

Nexus eWater will be exhibiting at WaterSmart Innovations 2011, October 4-7 in Las Vegas. CEO Craig Richmond (contact Craig) and Chairman Ralph Petroff (contact Ralph) will be on hand to discuss our revolutionary technology and current progress toward commercial release.

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Nexus Awarded Grant Funding

Posted on August 11 , 2011 in News by Tom

Nexus eWater (Nexus,, has secured key financial support in the form of two prestigious grants. The fundsfrom the Australian National University (announced today) and the Australian Capital Territory Government, allow Nexus to further its commercialisation program for the Nexus recycler, a world-class water and energy conservation technology for international markets.

The Nexus reCycler will, for the first time, efficiently and affordably unlock the power of grey water – an abundant and untapped resource found in every home.

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Article (and new book) discuss the future of water

Posted on April 11 , 2011 in Industry by Tom

Salon have recently published an excerpt of Charles Fishman's upcoming book The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water.

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