Gary McDonald Homes will install Nexus eWater recycling system in new development

Posted on February 22 , 2016 in by Josh

BoNhia Lee with the Fresno Bee recently covered Nexus eWater's involvement with Gary McDonald Homes, a home builder that has committed to incorporate the Nexus system into the first round of homes of their new Fresno development. This will be the first neighborhood of its kind in the Central Valley.

Here's an excerpt from the article:


Gary McDonald Homes is installing components of the Nexus eWater recycling system in all 44 houses at its new Copper Hill Estates in northeast Fresno. The first 12 homes sold will receive the entire system. The remaining houses will be recycle ready or outfitted with pipes and tanks, but buyers will have the option of adding the water treatment appliance at a cost of up to $7,500.

It’s pretty extravagant to use drinking water to irrigate landscaping, said builder Gary McDonald, the first to use the Nexus system in Fresno. The technology is being used by KB Homes in San Diego and has been installed in custom houses across the state.

“We’ve been looking for every way we can to conserve water,” McDonald said, “to make the maximum use of whatever we have available, and so that led us to the whole idea of ‘how are we going to have purple pipe-type water available for our own residents?’ 


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