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The NEXtreater and Recycle Ready Assembly (RRA) were featured extensively in the newest issue of Green Builder!


You can read the full issue online or see below for an excerpt:

The Flex House also demonstrates a graywater system from Nexus eWater, consisting of a NEXtreater graywater treatment unit and a Recycle Ready Assembly, a pre-assembled graywater collection system. Such systems typically capture two out of every three gallons of indoor water for reuse in landscaping and for toilet flushing. 

The appliance-like NEXtreater uses floatation, physical and carbon filtration and UV disinfection to treat graywater to NSF 350 standards. Developed by NSF International, this standard establishes requirements and water quality standards for onsite reuse systems. California adopted NSF 350 into the California Plumbing Code in 2013, which opened up opportunities for mainstreaming graywater reuse throughout the state. The NEXtreater was the first graywater product to receive this certification and remains the only one widely available in California. With its products, Nexus eWater has positioned itself to provide market-ready and code-compliant systems to builders, developers and homeowners across California.

“We’ve taken a productized, modular approach to onsite graywater recycling,” explains Tom Wood, CEO for Nexus eWater. “The Recycle Ready Assembly makes installation simple for builders and contractors—there are just five connections—and the NEXtreater was designed to be as simple to use as an air conditioner.”

The Recycle Ready Assembly includes a holding tank for untreated graywater and a larger reservoir for treated graywater. The company is advocating that new construction with dual plumbing go a step further and add a Recycle Ready Assembly.

Dual plumbing keeps graywater from showers, sinks and washing machines separate from the wastewater from dishwashing and toilets. If the home does not include a graywater treatment system, the two wastewater streams combine into a single pipe outside of the house, and all of the wastewater flows to the sanitary sewer system. In California, municipalities with water recycling in place require dual plumbing in new construction; municipalities without water recycling may still elect to mandate it.

“The logic was, some municipalities are already requiring dual plumbing; let’s give them an option so homeowners can actually do something with it,” says Josh Fuller, Director of Marketing and Sales for Nexus eWater. “The builders are coming around because they feel like they are giving the homeowner something of value.” The NEXtreater, which is the most expensive part of the system, can easily be plugged in later.

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Josh Fuller, Marketing & Sales

Josh Fuller is a 3-year team member at Nexus eWater and leads Nexus’ inside sales and marketing activities. Josh earned his BA in Communication and Information Sciences in 2009 and his MBA in 2014, both from The University of Alabama.