Nexus eWater and River Islands featured in Capital Public Radio segment

Posted on March 23 , 2016 in by Josh

MARCH 22 -- Capital Public Radio of Sacramento, a NPR-member station, featured Nexus eWater and new partner River Islands in a quick segment. See the excerpt below or feel free to listen to the segment by clicking here (1 minute).

A planned community in Lathrop won White House recognition for its water saving technology. It's one of many public and private entities drawing praise at today's White House Water Summit.

The Obama administration is shining a spotlight on the water problems and solutions of today.

River Islands and Nexus eWater have partnered to give homeowners a way to recycle water from showers and dishwashers to keep the lawn green.

"Two out of every three gallons that comes into the home can be recycled a second time -- outdoors, watering the lawn, landscaping, or back indoors for toilet flushing," says Nexus CEO Tom Wood.

River Islands Developer Susan Dell'Osso says the filtration system also produces heat,  which can save on energy.

"And that heat can be used to heat up your hot water heater in the house. You can basically service the entire hot water heater through this new energy that's created," says Dell'Osso.

Dell'Osso says construction on the first 11,000 homes is expected to begin toward the end of this year.