Nexus eWater makes FRONT PAGE of the San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on March 23 , 2016 in by Josh


We are pleased to announce that on March 22nd Nexus eWater was recognized at the White House Water Summit and featured in a front page article of the San Francisco Chronicle. Read the full article here or see below for a quick excerpt:

Treating gray water within each home is “conceptually sort of like solar panels,” said Ralph Petroff, co-founder and chairman emeritus of Nexus eWater, an Australian startup that moved to California last year. The company designed the system employed at River Islands, a master-planned development in the town of Lathrop (San Joaquin County), near Tracy. The company calls the project “the first major development in the world” to combine on-site gray water reuse with recycled energy from the home water heater.

“When the energy crisis hit, people said, ‘Let’s build huge power plants,’” Petroff said. But that takes decades and cost tens of billions of dollars, he said, so rooftop solar began catching on.

“There is a similar dynamic now,” he said. “People say, ‘We’ve got a water crisis. We need a lot more water, so we’ll build recycling and desal (desalination) plants,’ and it’ll take 15 years and cost billions. So our solution, similar to solar panels, is to do it on-site and do it during construction.”

The houses will have separate gray-water plumbing, with two underground tanks and a recycling unit about half the size of a refrigerator turned on its side, said Nexus eWater chief executive Tom Wood. The system adds $8,000 to $10,000 to the cost of each house, but will be amortized in a monthly bill partially offset by savings in water and sewer charges. The water can be used to flush toilets but mainly will go outdoors for landscaping and car washing. The system does not include toilet or kitchen waste, so-called black water, but still can reduce household use by an estimated 40 to 60 percent.