Nexus eWater featured in TecHome Builder for its "Code Compliant Greywater Treatment"

Posted on August 10 , 2017 in homebuilding, Homeowners, Grey Water, NEXtreater, NSF350, Plumbing Codes, smarthomes, technology, NEXheater by Josh

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Thanks to TecHome Builder for taking the time to interview and feature us on their website!

From the article:

Nexus’s NEXtreater uses a three-stage hybrid process to clean soapy water from the home in an appliance-like package utilizing two underground tanks. The process includes pre-filtration and solids removal, a bubbling process to concentrate and separate contaminants and polishing and disinfecting to make water near potable.

What separates the Nexus system from other greywater systems is that it meets the water quality standard of NSF 350, which is recognized in the California Plumbing Code. This allows the treated greywater the ability to be reused for things like spray irrigation and toilet flushing.

“That gives a lot more uses than a traditional greywater systems which can really only be in a subsurface-type use and almost always the water needs to be used immediately, whereas our system allows you to store the water indefinitely until you need it,” says Nexus sales and marketing manager Josh Fuller.

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Josh Fuller, Marketing & Sales

Josh Fuller is a 3-year team member at Nexus eWater and leads Nexus’ inside sales and marketing activities. Josh earned his BA in Communication and Information Sciences in 2009 and his MBA in 2014, both from The University of Alabama.