Nexus eWater to partner with homebuilder as they release first publicly available homes with grey water technology

Posted on May 10 , 2015 in by Josh


Nexus eWater was featured in a recent article by The Press Enterprise which highlighted the impact of water resuse in residential areas. One of these benefits is being able to save 40,000 gallons or more with each new home. The article also announced Nexus's plans to partner with KB Home for the homebuilder's first publically available homes with grey water technology.

Here's an excerpt:

Residential gray-water systems up to this point have been primarily retrofits. But next month, the first five publicly available homes with the water-saving technology go up for sale at the Monte Vista development in Pomona.

The project is the result of a partnership between Australia-based Nexus eWater and KB Home. Metropolitan Water District gave Nexus a $50,000 grant to study the system in homes.

Be sure to read the full article here!