Nexus eWater featured in San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on April 22 , 2015 in by Josh


Yesterday Nexus eWater was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's an excerpt:

Nexus eWater has a system that collects the “gray water” from a home’s showers and bathroom sinks, purifies it and sends it to the toilets and sprinklers. The system is designed to be installed during a home’s construction, adding about $5,000 to the overall cost. It also recycles some of the heat from the gray water, cutting electricity bills.

“You should not put drinking water on lawns, especially during a drought,” said Ralph Petroff, chairman of Nexus. “It’s not the sensible thing to do. It’s not the moral thing to do.”

The company was born in Australia, which recently endured more than a decade of drought. Now Nexus eWater has opened a Los Angeles office, raised a $2.1 million funding round this spring, installed its system in two high-tech demo houses with builder KB Home and is preparing for full-scale launch.

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