Nexus eWater featured in Sacramento Bee (Again!)

Posted on May 4 , 2015 in by Josh


Over the weekend Nexus eWater was featured in a Sacramento Bee article titled "Seeds: Turning to shades of gray in search for more water"

 Here's an excerpt:

Repurposing this wastewater can help homeowners dramatically cut overall water use, said Bob Hitchner of Nexus eWater. “People are trying to cut 25 to 36 percent now (under current state mandates),” he noted. “But this could save 60 percent, just by recycling your gray water on-site.”

Nexus eWater, an American company born in drought-plagued Australia, is working with new home developers in California to make gray water recycling as common as laundry rooms. Its integrated system recently was certified by the state of California as the first such product that met the state’s plumbing code standards for treated gray water. 

Be sure to read the full article here!