Nexus Awarded Grant Funding

Posted on August 11 , 2011 in News by Tom

Nexus eWater (Nexus,, has secured key financial support in the form of two prestigious grants. The fundsfrom the Australian National University (announced today) and the Australian Capital Territory Government, allow Nexus to further its commercialisation program for the Nexus recycler, a world-class water and energy conservation technology for international markets.

The Nexus reCycler will, for the first time, efficiently and affordably unlock the power of grey water – an abundant and untapped resource found in every home.

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Article (and new book) discuss the future of water

Posted on April 11 , 2011 in Industry by Tom

Salon have recently published an excerpt of Charles Fishman's upcoming book The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water.

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