Green Landscape or Granite Countertops: Which Improvement Projects Add The Most Resale Value?

Posted on July 25 , 2017 in California, Drought, SoCal, Homeowners, Grey Water, NEXtreater, NSF350, smarthomes, Renovation, Home Improvement, Remodel by Brandon

Whether you plan on updating those old kitchen cabinets or are interested in adding some curb appeal by bringing a thirsty lawn back to life, there are many ways that a California home owner can improve their home while also adding value at the same time.

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Aussie Tech Blog Gives Shout Out to Nexus eWater

Posted on July 21 , 2017 in homebuilding, Homeowners, Grey Water, NEXtreater, NSF350, Plumbing Codes, smarthomes, technology, NEXheater by Josh

Thanks to Right Pursuit for taking the time to inview us!

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The Top 5 Things New Homeowners Want

Posted on July 18 , 2017 in san diego, California, smarthomes, technology, homes, newhomes by Tom

What are buyers looking for in their new homes in California? What are they filling their homes with, post-purchase?
At Nexus eWater, we talk to A LOT of builders and new homeowners. Here are the top 5 trends among new homes and their owners, as we see them:
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The California Plumbing Code... Where is the reference to grey water?!

Posted on July 14 , 2017 in Grey Water, NEXtreater, NSF350, Plumbing Codes by Josh

What you need to look for -- it's all about NSF350.

Residential water reuse is a topic of increasing interest, and not just in the drought-prone Southwestern United States. In fact, international plumbing and building codes now recognize grey water treatment systems, and specifically those that fall into the NSF/ANSI 350 category. This is notable because products in this category have a abroader range of approved uses for treated grey water.

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New study recommends treating your grey water before irrigating:

Posted on July 12 , 2017 in News, Grey Water, Study, Research, NEXtreater by Josh

Today posted an article about a recent grey water study published in the October edition of Chemosphere by researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research.

As both the article and the study note, most of the scientific research and legislation efforts on the study of grey water have focused on the possible public health risks, while less attention has been given to its environmental outcomes.

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The Ontario Home Show - Thanks for coming by!

Posted on July 10 , 2017 in SoCal, Homeowners by Josh

Over the weekend we attended the Ontario Home Show at the beautiful Convention Center in Ontario, California.

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2017 Gold Nugget Awards – Nexus CEO Tom Wood's Favorite Winners

Posted on July 4 , 2017 in san diego, PCBC, California, Gold Nugget Awards by Tom

The annual Gold Nugget Awards  were presented as the grand finale to the PCBC conference that we attended here in San Diego last week. Now in their 54th year, the awards represent the best of architecture, design and community development in California and beyond. Here are some award highlights from my perspective, as both a Canadian/Australian citizen and as CEO of an onsite water recycling company.
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OPEN HOUSE: Thanks for coming by!

Posted on July 2 , 2017 in san diego, PCBC by Josh

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PCBC IS A WRAP! - Thanks for coming!

Posted on June 30 , 2017 in san diego, PCBC, Flex House by Josh

This last week at PCBC (Pacific Coast Builders Conference), Nexus eWater was a proud sponsor of the Flex Housea "small footprint, resilient demonstration home that showcases high-performance building products, advanced smart home technologies, and an integrated solar system."

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3 Things That Indicate The Water Crisis Is Not Over And Conservation Is Here To Stay

Posted on June 1 , 2017 in Water Crisis, California, Drought, Groundwater by Josh

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” they say, and never has that statement felt more true than with water and energy efficiency standards.

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