Nexus eWater mentioned in Sacramento Bee article on "drought fatigue"

Posted on February 24 , 2016 in by Josh

Debbie Arrington with the Sacramento Bee recently covered some of the issues surrounding the "drought fatigue" that has surfaced among California residents. Nexus eWater's Bob Hitchner was happy to share some of his observations.

Here's an exerpt from the article:


The goal for most water officials and state and local leaders will be motivating Californians to keep saving water – rain or no rain.

“There may be some drought fatigue,” Talbot said. “We’re asking, ‘What have people done (to save water)? More importantly, what are they still willing to do?’ 

“Just as it takes several years to enter a drought, it also typically takes several years to ease out of a drought.”

Introduced in 2014 and modified three times, statewide drought emergency measures were recently extended through October.

“We were already in a drought, but very little happened before the emergency regulations,” said Bob Hitchner of Nexus eWater, which specializes in recycling home water and energy. “When people don’t feel it’s an emergency, how do you keep them focused?”

Cutbacks can go only so far, Hitchner noted. Real change – and major savings – comes from rethinking how water is used. Toilets, for example, could be filled with recycled water instead of drinking water. Laundry water could be recycled for landscape use. But such innovations often need changes in building codes and other laws.

“What we asked everybody in California to do is just cut back,” he said. “Please do without. Let your lawn go brown. That’s savings, but not so much conservation. Conservation really is to do what you want to do, but with less.”

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