GUEST POST: Saving Energy and Our Planet Starts with Solar

Posted on October 6 , 2017 in California, SoCal, Homeowners, technology, Smart Homes, Green, New Homes, Solar, Clean Technology, Energy by GUEST

Over the last decade, the majority of developed countries have made an important shift towards energy saving and eco-friendly solutions. According to the most recent survey conducted at Yale, such countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, and Iceland now top the list of best-performing countries for the environment. What allowed these countries to lead the global movement toward better ecology is their switch for natural sources of energy - solar, wind, and geothermal.

While it is true that governmental efforts play a big role in these countries, it is just as true that the local population in these regions are more conscious when it comes to saving energy and way more aware of the problems associated with natural resource depletion. And this highlights one big thing: No matter which country you live in, you can make your contribution to keeping our planet clean and green by saving energy at home or in the office. And if you doubt the impact of your own home, know that less than 40 years ago our homes used 37% less energy than they do today. This means that individual consumption of energy makes a huge impact on the overall trend and all of us are responsible for the future of our planet.

If you want to live greener and help the planet thrive, you should arm yourself with knowledge. There are dozens of ways to save energy at home or in the office. Some of them are as simple as choosing energy efficient home appliances or installing advanced window controls, while other options are a bit more complex, such as using reflective roofing materials or a new-gen type of insulation. But if there is one commonality in the energy industry over the last decade it is the rise of solar technolgies. 

In the infographic below, I ask the question "How Much Will Solar Panels Really Save You" -- and if you're new to the solar conversation it should be very helpful for you!

Maggie Baker

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