Sydney Morning Herald publishes Q&A with Nexus eWater founder

Posted on January 22 , 2016 in by Josh

Tony Trobe with the Sydney Morning Herald recently had a Q&A with our very own Andrew Hermann. Here's an excerpt from the interview:


Andrew Hermann is an engineer who was brought up in Canberra and who has now developed a successful grey water recycling company in California. He says there are lessons to be learnt from a part of the world facing similar climate issues to our own region

TT: Last week you told us that grey water is the perfect solution to help people survive the oncoming drought. Tell us more about what makes up a typical grey water system?

AH: Grey water systems essentially come in three flavours; the most basic is called a diverter. Using a manual valve, these simply divert water from a shower or laundry drain pipe to the garden. A step up in functionality are filtration systems. These include a basic filter and pump to distribute water through a sub-surface dripper system. Lastly, there are fully automated treatment systems. These make water that is sterilised and clear like tap water. These systems produce water that can be used when needed for all types of irrigation and toilet flushing.

Read the full article here!