Nexus Awarded Grant Funding

Posted on August 11 , 2011 in News by Tom

Nexus eWater (Nexus,, has secured key financial support in the form of two prestigious grants. The fundsfrom the Australian National University (announced today) and the Australian Capital Territory Government, allow Nexus to further its commercialisation program for the Nexus recycler, a world-class water and energy conservation technology for international markets.

The Nexus reCycler will, for the first time, efficiently and affordably unlock the power of grey water – an abundant and untapped resource found in every home.

“Householders using the Nexus [eWater] technology will slash their water consumption by as much as half by substituting high quality treated grey water for a range of non-potable uses, such as irrigation and toilet flushing,” said Craig Richmond, CEO and co-founder of Nexus eWater. “Perhaps the most exciting innovation developed by Nexus [eWater] is the ability to efficiently recycle waste heat from grey water, providing very low cost hot water back into the home.”

The Australian National University, one of the world’s leading research institutions, along with the forward-thinking Australian Capital Territory Government have both recognised the tremendous environmental and economic benefits to be gained through resource conservation.

“The support of these organisations through the Discovery Translation Fund, which is managed by investment fund ANU Connect Ventures Pty Ltd, and the A.C.T. Government Innovation Connect Program is a great validation of our work and comes at a critical time,” said Ralph Petroff, US-based Chairman and co-founder of Nexus eWater. “With 14 US states currently in the grip of a damaging drought, there is a crying need for technologies that will deliver significant and sustained water and energy savings. Nexus will do everything it can to introduce its innovative product to this market as quickly as possible.”

About Nexus eWater Pty Ltd

Based in Canberra, Australia and with a sales office in Huntsville, Alabama, Nexus eWater is developing the next generation of water and energy conservation technologies that will ensure homes of the future use scarce water and energy resources sustainably.