Nexus eWater interviewed by the Water Reliability Coalition

Posted on July 22 , 2016 in News, san diego by Josh

The San Diego region has a water supply dilemma: it imports more than 80% of its water. The Water Reliability Coalition and its' members agree that we, as San Diegans, need a better water supply solution. It is a broad-based organization consisting of environmental, consumer, business, labor, and technical organizations. 

Recently the WRC sat down with our own Scott Isaksen to discuss the rise of the on-site water recycling industry and the challenges that are ahead for companies like ours.

See an excerpt below or check out the full Q&A by clicking here

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KB Home Counting on Graywater Conservation Tech by Nexus eWater

Posted on December 29 , 2015 in sea cliff, kb home, san diego by Josh

See below for an excerpt or read the article in its entirety at TecHome Builder

Graywater Recycling

The Nexus eWater graywater recycling system captures about two-thirds of the waste water from a home and uses it to irrigate lawns or for applications like toilet flushing. KB Home first rolled out graywater technology in Lancaster, Calif. and Sacramento, Calif. projects. However, there it was only on a demonstration basis at model homes.

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Nexus eWater's Sea Cliff project featured in Al Jazeera America News

Posted on December 28 , 2015 in sea cliff, kb home, san diego by Josh

SAN DIEGO – In an affluent neighborhood north of the city, the Sea Cliff development of million-dollar custom houses appears at first glance to be yet another in a series of expensive homes sprouting across California.

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