Water Deeply sits down with Nexus eWater's Ralph Petroff

Posted on July 16 , 2015 in by Josh

Water Deeply had 10 questions for Nexus eWater's Ralph Petroff.

See below for an excerpt from the article and don't forget to read it in it's entirety here

Water Deeply: How did this idea come about?


Ralph Petroff : About 10 years ago, I had been hired by a consortium of Australian universities, state and federal governments to advise them on technology as an entrepreneur in residence.

That was coincidentally the start of the Australian Millennium Drought, which kicked in right in the year 2000. When I got there, it was in a bad way. They had gone to the next step, even beyond what they had done in California. They had stage five water restrictions, which is not just watering twice a week, but no lawn watering of any potable water, period. So it’s a really heightened state of emergency.

As a result, the Australian government put money into things like desal (seawater desalination) but also invested in research into on-site water reuse. As it happened, I met what became the founders of Nexus at a convention fair. From day one, I thought that these guys were very sharp and they are going to really come up with something quite remarkable – and a few years later, they did.