Nexus eWater "Turning Grey Water into a Golden Opportunity"

Posted on October 27 , 2015 in by Josh

Nexus eWater featured on Asian-based online news page, Eco-Business!

See below for an excerpt from the article and don't forget to read it in it's entirety here

Do we really need clean drinking water to flush toilets or water lawns? Australian firm Nexus eWater has found a way to recycle the soapy water that goes down the drain after a shower or laundry cycle for these purposes, and harness the heat from it to warm up clean water.

For most people, the water that disappears down the drain after a hot shower or laundry cycle is out of sight, out of mind. But as a group of Australian water treatment experts have found, this soapy fluid is in fact a veritable goldmine for both energy and cost savings. 

Their brainchild, Nexus eWater, launched in 2009, makes the world’s first water and heat recycling systems for homes, which allows households to reuse some of its wastewater for flushing toilets, irrigating lawns, and even heating up clean water. 

The company’s key offering is the NEXtreater, which cleans up the ‘grey water’ from showers and washing machines that makes up about 70 per cent of all water discharged from homes - and returns it to a near-potable state.

Its accompanying invention is the NEXheater, which harnesses the heat from this wastewater to warm up clean water. 

In a recent interview with Eco-Business, Andrew Hermann, the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer declares that recycling water from homes is “possibly the greatest opportunity” for sustainable water use in water-scarce cities.