New California Landscape Regulations: Our FOURTH YouTube Video!

Posted on August 22 , 2017 in san diego, California, homebuilding, Homeowners, Grey Water, NEXtreater, NSF350, Plumbing Codes, smarthomes, technology, YouTube, irrigation by Josh

Did you miss our article on New Landscape Irrigation Regualtions in California?

Tune into this video to see Bob Hitchner, Chief of Sales & Marketing, talk about MWELO, landscape irrigation regulations, and how the NEXtreater can help save water and save landscape.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.49.12 AM.png

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Josh Fuller, Marketing & Sales

Josh Fuller is a 3-year team member at Nexus eWater and leads Nexus’ inbound sales and all marketing activities. Josh earned his BA in Communication and Information Sciences in 2009 and his MBA in 2014, both from The University of Alabama.