Recycle Ready builds drought resiliency into every new home...

The California drought has demonstrated how conventional approaches to water conservation have reached their limits.  The next Big Step Forward in residential water-use efficiency happens when homes are built to recycle and reuse their own water.

Whether you are a home buyer, an architect, a builder or developer, you need to read this guide and find out just how easy it is to build a home that is ready and able to recycle its own water.

The Nexus solution to Recycle Ready can be applied across thousands of homes or just the one that is important to you.

A Recycle Ready house offers the following benefits to its owners:

  • LIFETIME CAPABILITY:  Recycle Ready infrastructure is inexpensive to add during initial home construction, and anticipates a future that may look remarkably like the recent past.  You will be able to upgrade right away or in ten years -- at any time, really -- to begin treating and recycling the home's once-used shower, bath, hand sink and washing machine water.  
  • EASY AND INEXPENSIVE UPGRADE:  The upgrade will be simple and seamless.  You will be able to add on the only Home Water Recycler -- the NEXtreater by Nexus eWater -- that already meets the high certification standards enshrined in the California Plumbing Code.  And you can do it without tearing up the yard or cutting into your walls.
  • USE LESS BY REUSING MORE:  Once upgraded, your home will begin recycling all the drain water from the selected fixtures -- about 2 out of every three gallons of water used first inside your home!  That is a lot of water.  And each gallon that you reuse is a gallon that you no longer buy from your local water providor.  
  • PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP:  Recycle Ready is for anyone who understands the pride of owning the best.   Your home is ready to deal with whatever drought the weather gods may throw at you.  Anytime you want, you can make it the most Water Efficient home in your city.
  • PROTECTS YOUR LANDSCAPE:  Most California homeowners are currently restricted to watering their landscapes just once or twice a week.  By using your own recycled water for landscape, you should not be subject to the same restrictions.  (And if you are, we will gladly fight for your right to use your own recycled water whenever you need to).
  • PROTECTS YOUR HOME'S RESALE VALUE:  If you need to sell your home during a drought, do you want your landscape at its lushest when you put your home on the market?  Or do you want to sell your home with a brown lawn looking like it had just gone through, what?, a drought?

 In "The Nexus Guide to the Recycle Ready Home," Nexus eWater shows you how to site and incorporate the infrastructure you need to make your next home Recycle Ready.  Piping, electrical, plumbing connections, and proximity to city water and sewer lines are all part of the equation we address in this guide.

If you want your next home to represent the care that you have for water resources, be sure it is a Recycle Ready Home.   The steps to building a Recycle Ready Home are simple to understand and easy to implement by any builder.  The cost of building the Recycle Ready Home is modest in the cost of typical California construction.  Be sure to make yours a Recycle Ready Home -- it just makes cents/sense, doesn't it?

To download your copy of THE NEXUS GUIDE TO THE RECYCLE READY HOME, fill out the form here.